Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal –

Efforts are actuality fabricated to accompany this walkthrough abreast with the latest version’s tutorial apple for simplicity’s sake. Some elements of this walkthrough may be incorrect or hard-to-follow. Please use the walkthrough appointment to altercate any allotment of the walkthrough that may display these issues.

Minecraft Xbox 12 Edition  Nether Portal Tutorial

Minecraft Xbox 12 Edition Nether Portal Tutorial | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Let’s get started. Amount up a beginning new tutorial world. Like I mentioned earlier, set the adversity to Peaceful. If you save and abdicate out of the bold and afresh anon reload, you can afresh skip the absolute tutorial allotment at the start. If you’ve never played the game, it’s absolutely not that bad and I would acclaim activity through it. If you accept played Minecraft, though, it’s apparently bigger to skip it.

We will alpha off with article nice and easy. Columnist

Your aboriginal accomplishment in Minecraft!

Like this one, your aboriginal few achievements will be gotten in the starting breadth afore you run up the stairs to the capital Tutorial Hub.

Next up, attending for one of the several copse in this breadth and authority and bite one until some copse ancestor out….


Keep punching out all of the copse blocks in the timberline until you accept all of its wood. Afresh you appetite to accessible up your crafting card by hitting . Already on your crafting menu, you charge to about-face all of your admirable copse into copse planks. You should accept about 16-20 copse planks with what you currently have. You afresh appetite to about-face 4 of those copse planks into a crafting table.

Craft a board with four blocks of board planks.

Next you will appetite to abode the crafting table by accepting it in your toolbar and hitting , afresh collaborate with the crafting table by hitting afresh while attractive at it. Already you accept done this, you are now in the abounding crafting card for the game, giving you added items to craft. In addition, the abounding card simplifies your crafting so you don’t charge to absolutely apperceive how to ability anniversary item, aloof what capacity you need, and affably the bold shows you if you are missing any of the capacity needed.

From here, accomplish 8 sticks out of your board planks. These will be acclimated to ability one of every blazon of tool, I would acclaim mining yourself out addition timberline as well, aloof to accomplish abiding you absolutely accept abundant copse for aggregate that we charge to do in this actual aboriginal stage.

Once in the crafting table menu, you appetite to use to aeon forth the pages to the appropriate and to arch to the left. Arch to the additional page, which will appearance you the account of weapons that you will charge to create.

You aboriginal appetite to actualize yourself a board pickaxe, which will get you:

How To Link Nether Portals - Minecraft Xbox 12/PS12/PC - (Tutorial)

How To Link Nether Portals – Minecraft Xbox 12/PS12/PC – (Tutorial) | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Next you appetite to body yourself a sword, which gets you:

Follow it up with a hoe which will get you:

Then comes an axe and a shovel, which will complete the set:

Construct one blazon of anniversary apparatus (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

At any point you can accessible your account application and move things from your toolbar into your backpack, or vice-versa by affective over an account and hit . You can additionally manually move things to any aperture by hitting on the account and affective it and hitting afresh to abode it. You can aeon your toolbar by application to go to the appropriate and to the left.

With board accoutrement actuality conquered, let’s move on to stone. Abundance yourself 11 blocks of bean out of the wall, or in the arena below the dirt–take your pick! (Make abiding you abundance the bland stone, so that you accept 11 blocks of Cobblestone, specifically.) Already you accept all 11, arch aback to wherever you happened to abode your crafting table, and admission it by application . Acquisition the pickaxes again, but this time columnist to admission the bean pickaxe. Ability one by hitting to receive:

Next you appetite to acquisition the boiler on the aboriginal folio of the crafting menu, and ability yourself one, which will net you:

Construct a boiler out of eight asphalt blocks.

This is the end of the achievements we can get in this area, so arch beyond the little stream, up the steps, forth the aisle and through the adit into the capital tutorial hub!

Get acclimated to the blueprint of this breadth as you will be spending a ample bulk of time in it!

Once you accept headed bottomward the steps, you appetite to arch into the acreage breadth and afresh angle a left, which should abode lots of altered animals. Use that cast you crafted beforehand to annihilation a poor caught cow. Some covering should drop, acceptance you to get:

Next, accessible up the chest in this breadth and booty out the 10 basic that should be in it, afresh you appetite to save your bold by hitting and afresh selecting that option. Already the bold has adored you should use the basic to acclimatized the two wolves in one of the pens on the appropriate side. It will booty anywhere amid 1-5 basic to acclimatized a wolf. What you will charge to do is accept the basic in your duke and hit on the wolf, until some little hearts alpha to appear off the wolf, and it should now accept a collar. If you are borderline if you accept the wolf tamed, if you use an abandoned duke and hit on the wolf it should sit down.

MineCraft xbox 12 how to make a nether portal - YouTube

MineCraft xbox 12 how to make a nether portal – YouTube | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Once both accept been beaten you should abdicate the bold afterwards saving, reload the save, and re-tame the two wolves. Echo as all-important until you accept 5 wolves beaten and you should alleviate yourself

Now adhere about abreast the chickens in the extreme larboard pen and see if they bead any eggs. Already they do, aces them up. Fortunately, you alone charge to accept 1 egg to advice broil the block for addition achievement. A craven will bead an egg every 5-10 minutes, so if one doesn’t bead annihilation now, abide to do the abutting few $.25 about this breadth and return. Or you can adhere out with your new craven associate until she drops an egg!

You will afresh appetite to arch aback out to the centermost acreage breadth and accumulate some wheat. The aureate will be on your appropriate side, and it will be additional abutting to breadth you entered the area. Accumulate 7 pieces of aureate by smashing it, and arch to the abutting crafting table. Accessible your crafting card with the table and arch to the tab which has a little affection and a little craven drumstick on it to accessible the aliment menu. Acquisition the bread, baddest it, and boom! You aloof broiled some bread.

Head aback to the breadth with the animals and accessible up the chest in the centre, and booty out a fish. You alone charge one for this! Because we charge to baker the angle to get the achievement, and we additionally charge to agglutinate an adamant batten the best affair to do is to go mining. You can alone abundance adamant ore with a bean pickaxe, adamant ore if you are borderline of what you are attractive for looks a little like this:

Once you accept begin and mined some adamant ore, acknowledgment to the apparent and arch to the breadth in the tutorial hub which is aloof accomplished the alarm and on the larboard duke side, you should canyon through the two account frames with anvils in, which in the bend of this breadth you should see an anvil, crafting table, boiler and chest, in the added bend you should acquisition a villager. Hit on the boiler and abode your atramentous in the basal aboveboard on the left, and in the top aboveboard abode your fish. Already the white arrow fills and the angle moves to the aboveboard on the appropriate hit afresh on the angle to add it to your inventory, to recieve a adapted angle and additionally an achievement.

repeat the aforementioned action again, except this time with an adamant ore, to recieve an adamant batten as able-bodied as:

Be abiding to accumulate all of your mined asphalt that you will accept calm and abode it into a distinct chest, bethink which chest as we will appear aback to it later! if you mined any alluvium during your adventure for adamant and you acquired some flint, accumulate it as you will charge it afterwards for an achievement!

For the abutting accomplishment we are activity to arch to the docks, which is aloof to the appropriate of the baby agriculture area, bottomward the steps, already there you appetite to accessible the chest and booty the fishing rod, acknowledgment aback up the accomplish to the agriculture breadth and booty a allotment from the chest, and afresh arch to the stables, which are to the larboard of the agriculture area.

Either beating out a saddle from one of the account frames in thsi area, or if you arch into the pen with the horses and accessible up the chest you can grab a saddle, abutting all we charge to do is arch to a crafting table and amalgamate your fishing rod and allotment to accomplish a allotment on a stick.

Once you accept got all of your items calm what you appetite to do is arch to the beastly area, and acquisition the pigs, pop a saddle on a pig by hitting with the saddle in your duke on the pig, you can afresh sit on the pig by hitting afresh with an abandoned hand, what you’ll afresh appetite to do is get out your allotment on a stick and you’ll acquisition you should be able to adviser the pig to go wherever you would like it to. Whilst benumbed the pig you appetite to arch to the aback abreast the Elytra breadth and alpha aggressive up one of the two architecture either on the larboard or the right, afresh already you accept gone up at atomic two flights of stairs, or at the actual top, airing your pig off, alike if you die, as continued as the pig is hurt, or dies too you should unlock:

Use a saddle to ride a pig, afresh accept the pig get aching from abatement accident while benumbed it.

Our abutting accomplishment is almost accessible in the new tutorial apple as it provides best of the items you need. However it may be easier to do this on a cast new save, as what you will appetite to do is arch to the breadth breadth you can body an adamant golem, but what you appetite to do is hit whenever you are asked about the speciifc tutorial for that specifc area. What this about agency is that you should be able to accessible the chest in the golem area, booty out all of the iron, airing abroad bottomward the stairs, afresh arch aback up afresh and acquisition the chest is abounding again! What this will acquiesce you to do is booty out as abundant adamant as you charge to advice actualize some minecraft rails.

Como Criar um Portal para o Nether no Minecraft do Xbox 12

Como Criar um Portal para o Nether no Minecraft do Xbox 12 | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

You will appetite to arch aback to the breadth aloof afore the docks, and you should acquisition on your appropriate duke ancillary some accomplish branch upwards appear an breadth with some minecarts and track. Now for the annoying part…. you charge to chase the clue annular and breach off every allotment of track, authoritative abiding that you accumulate authority of anniversary allotment as you breach it….. Afterwards a reasonable aeon of time, you should hopefully accomplishment and acquisition that you are aback breadth you started, now with 341 pieces of rail, you appetite to now accessible the chest and booty out all of the balustrade there too you should hopefully acquisition that you accept 375 balustrade in total. What you afresh charge to do is use the chest ambush to get as abundant adamant as you charge which should be about 9 blocks of iron, to accomplish into 81 adamant ingots. You will afresh charge to beating bottomward 3 copse blocks to accomplish into sticks, and afresh ability the two togeter at a crafting table to accomplish the actual rails. What you will afresh charge to do is additionally aces up the redstone torches from the chest in the minecart area, and a minecart also.

Then you appetite to acquisition yourself a nice continued breadth to abode all your balustrade in a continued line, at the alpha you appetite to accept a approved rail, followed by a redstone powered button rail, afresh several redstone rails, this should get you off to a aerial start. Afresh you aloof appetite to sporadically abode redstone rails, either powered by a button rail, or a redstone torch, jsut to accumulate you affective along. You appetite to accomplish abiding you accept at atomic 501 balustrade in a beeline line, you can go up or down, as continued as it is straight. As continued as you accept the appropriate cardinal of rails, and accept gone in a beeline line, you should unlock:

Travel by minecart to a point at atomic 500m in a distinct administration from breadth you started.

Next we will accept to leave the abundance breadth of the tutorial hub and arch over to the Nether aperture which is in this world. Aloof accomplish abiding that you accept a design pickaxe with you as able-bodied as your flint and animate that you fabricated earlier!

The Nether aperture can be begin at X:329 Y:17 Z:348. Already you get to the Nether portal, beating one of the pieces of atramentous out of the portal, but not one of the 4 bend pieces. Anon abode the atramentous block aback breadth it was. (It ability assume stupid, but we are bluffing the bold into cerebration we are architecture the aperture from scratch.) Afresh use the Flint and Animate with on the basal blocks of obsidian, and you should acquisition that it relights the aperture as able-bodied as unlocking:

Once you accept relighted the nether portal, and gotten your amoroso cane, acknowledgment to the tutorial hub. Actuality you will re-use your adamant ambush to accomplish some buckets; you will charge a distinct block of iron, which will breach bottomward into 9 ingots which will accomplish you 3 buckets. There’s affluence of sugarcane in the acreage area, so go advanced and grab yourself at atomic two pieces of it, if not more, and arch on your way. You afresh appetite to, with buckets in duke hit on a cow to ample the brazier up with milk, echo the action 2 added times, until you accept three buckets of milk. Accomplish abiding you accept your 3 buckets of milk, 2 amoroso cane, and an egg. Arch over to a crafting table, and ability yourself a cake! TA! DA!

Bake a block application wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

What we now appetite to do is we an either amount up addition cast new tutorial world, or use your accepted world, but we appetite to amount up on easy. Now already the bold is loaded you appetite to either a go grab a sword, or go ability yourself a sword, acutely design is best, but accept whatever you would like.

Next we will leave the altar of the tutorial hub, and go monster hunting! You can either delay until night, or go out during the day, day time is easiest, as absolutely we are alone afterwards spiders, and in the day they are peaceful until attacked, and you dont accept to anguish about zombies, skeletons or creepers. Basically the aboriginal monster you appear beyond atrociously annihilation to get yourself:

What we now charge to do is acquisition as abounding spiders as we can and annihilate them all, until we accept 3 string, already 3 cord has been acquired we can acknowledgment to the tutorial hub to accomplish a dispenser. Now we can either save and reload this apple on peaceful so you don’t accept to anguish about any mobs, or we can backpack on, aloof be alert of the mobs potentially advancing you.

Once in the hub area, you appetite to get yourself 7 blocks of cobblestone, 1 allotment of redstone and 1 block of wood. The copse you appetite to breach bottomward into planks, and afresh into sticks, so you accept 3 sticks. Use your 3 sticks and 3 cord in a crafting table to actualize a bow. Afterwards crafing a bow, you should, with all the added items afresh be able to actualize yourself a dispenser to get yourself:

which is your actual aftermost accomplishment from the aboriginal 400G game.

Minecraft Xbox 12 + PS12 - TU121 Feature Custom Nether Portals

Minecraft Xbox 12 + PS12 – TU121 Feature Custom Nether Portals | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

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Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal
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Minecraft Xbox 12 - Make a Nether Portal Without a Diamond Pickaxe (Quick  Tip)

Minecraft Xbox 12 – Make a Nether Portal Without a Diamond Pickaxe (Quick Tip) | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

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Minecraft - Xbox 12: Tutorial Easter Egg - Secret Nether Portal  Location  of Hidden Nether Portal

Minecraft – Xbox 12: Tutorial Easter Egg – Secret Nether Portal Location of Hidden Nether Portal | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Minecraft Xbox 12 PS12 TU12 Seed - Instant Nether Portal + Achievements

Minecraft Xbox 12 PS12 TU12 Seed – Instant Nether Portal + Achievements | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

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TU12 Tutorial World Nether Portal Location – Minecraft (Xbox 12) | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Xbox 12’s Minecraft Biggest Nether Portal? – YouTube | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

SECRET NETHER PORTAL in tutorial world! Minecraft xbox 12 edition

SECRET NETHER PORTAL in tutorial world! Minecraft xbox 12 edition | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal

Minecraft (Xbox 11212): HIDDEN NETHER PORTAL LOCATION (112.112.12 Update -  Tutorial World)

Minecraft (Xbox 11212): HIDDEN NETHER PORTAL LOCATION (112.112.12 Update – Tutorial World) | Xbox 360 Minecraft Nether Portal


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