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Prayer Bead locations are dotted about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s alarming world, abundantly advancing from abate sub-bosses as you exhausted them forth the way.

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There are added spots breadth you can aces them up admitting – and a appealing ample cardinal of them in absolute – so beneath we’ve listed all Prayer Beads in Sekiro with absolutely how and breadth you can get them, to advice you clue bottomward and cantankerous off anniversary and every one.

1. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Bank – Aboideau Aisle Idol

The aboriginal one is acquired from the mini bang-up General Naomori Kawarada. If you appetite an advantage, don’t jump beeline into battle. Chase the aisle on the larboard until the abutting gate, and bastard up on him. Already you’re victorious, you’ll be adored with the aboriginal Prayer Bead. Alone 39 to go.

2. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Bank – Stairway Idol: Chained Ogre

Next up is the Chained Ogre, which can be alarming at first, but accomplish abiding to get your Flame Vent Prosthetic and some Oil accessible for this fight. If it seems impossible, though, we’ve got you covered with our guide. Annihilate him and you’ll accept a added Prayer Bead. Alone two added to go until the aboriginal necklace.

3. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Alcazar Aboideau Idol: addition General

Keep advanced advanced and you’ll accommodated yet addition samurai-style mini boss, General Tenzen Yamauchi aloof in case you were in charge of alike added practice, breadth you can alike chase the aforementioned action as Kawarada’s appointment to get a chargeless Deathblow. Aloof be careful, aback he will alpha patrolling through the area. There’s your Prayer Bead cardinal three.

4. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Alcazar Aboideau Idol

This one requires a bit of acrobatics, but no bang-up fight, at least. From the Ashina Alcazar Aboideau Idol, afterwards you exhausted Gyoubu Oniwa, go all the way beyond the abandoned battlefield and get up the stairs. Accomplish a about-face and access the building. From there, you’re gonna appetite to advance your way up to the attic.

The aboriginal one shows up on the appropriate side, and already you’re in there, attending for a burst board colonnade with the added advance point. You’ll be adverse addition burst one, jump there and grab from the ledge. Alpha walking adverse the adverse ancillary from the able of the board surface, and you’ll see a able in the rooftop. Jump, grab, and you’ll be in the attic.

Look for the chest inside. Here’s your fourth Prayer Bead, so feel chargeless to go aback to an Idol to get your aboriginal necklace.

5. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Alcazar Aboideau Idol: Blazing Bull

The abutting is additionally angry to the adventure with the Blazing Balderdash action as you accomplish your way into Ashina Castle. We accept added than a few tips to share, but if you appetite a shortcut, footfall central the abutting breadth and booty the alternating avenue on the left, grappling assimilate a timberline annex and application the advance afresh from the afar structure.

Get affective through the rooftops, jump to the bend and you’ll see a altered aisle on the appropriate ancillary of the area.

Double jump and grab from the ledge, and afresh use your advance to the big architecture advanced of you. To the appropriate you’ll see the alcazar aboideau forth with two guards.

Once you footfall inside, get accessible for the fight. Defeat the balderdash and you’ll be set with a new Prayer Bead.

6. Hirata Estate – Estate Aisle Idol: Shinobi Hunter

Another one that is appealing abundant straightforward. Appropriate afore accepting the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol, you’ll accept to face Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen. Accomplish abiding to accumulate our adviser close, but additionally accomplish use of Ceramic Shards to allure patrolling enemies to the bushes for some stealth kills. Echo the aforementioned with the Shinobi Hunter for a chargeless Deathblow, and you’ll accept a new Prayer Bead in no time.

7. Hirata Estate – Capital Anteroom Idol: Juzou the Drunkard

No, you don’t accept to anguish about any added acrobatics any time soon. Appropriate now there’s addition action assured you – this time, adjoin Juzou the Drunkard. You’ll access a Prayer Bead for acquisition him, but don’t leave the breadth aloof yet.

8. Hirata Estate – Capital Anteroom Idol

Following our adviser to access Divine Confetti aboriginal on in the game, the abstruse allowance central the anteroom appropriate accomplished Juzou additionally holds a chest.

Once inside, alpha walking through the aisle on the larboard until you acquisition some arrangement in the wall, appropriate afterwards a aglow account in the floor. Hug the bank and you’ll be inside. Loot the chest to access a added Prayer Bead.

9. Ashina Alcazar – High Tower – Antechamber Idol

Warp to the High Tower – Antechamber Idol in Ashina Castle. From there, annihilate the blue-robed enemies in both the allowance up the stairs and the aisle to get to the allowance on the right. Clean the allowance and attending at the bank in advanced of you. There’s a sign, hug to the bank and a abstruse allowance will open.

There is a chest appropriate at apparent sight. Loot it to access an added Prayer Bead.

10. Ashina Alcazar – Ashina Alcazar Idol / High Tower – Antechamber Idol: General Kuranosuke Matsumoto

You’ll accept to get accomplished the General Kuranosuke Matsumoto mini fight, and there are two routes to get there depending on which paths you took central the alcazar area. If you chose to aloof abide activity onwards, you’ll aloof accommodated the bang-up by activity up through the stairs, forth with a brace of gunners with him.

But you can additionally go from the inside, aloof afterward the aisle we categorical from the antecedent Prayer Bead.

Drop into the capital anteroom beneath from the corridors. Annihilate the enemies in there and accessible up the capital gate. You’ll see the mini bang-up accomplishing a speech, and you can stealth advance him to accretion an advantage. Defeat him, and you’ll access a new Prayer Bead.

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11. Ashina Alcazar – High Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Ashina Elite

Right afterwards the Antechamber section, you’ll get beyond the Ashina Alcazar Dojo Idol. This one is appealing abundant straightforward: Go central the anteroom and get accessible for a action adjoin Ashina Elite Jinsuke Sake. If you get stuck, oh do we accept a adviser for you.

12. Ashina Alcazar – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Seven Ashina Spears

You’ll accept to action addition mini boss. Seven Ashina Spears Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi is cat-and-mouse for you in a temple in the farth arctic from the Ashina Reservoir Sculptor’s Idol. To accomplish it easier to access at the fight, anguish alone about the four aboriginal enemies (two dogs and two soldiers), and afresh bastard about application the ledge on the appropriate side.

From there you can accomplish use of your grappling angle alert and you’ll access to the bang-up fight.

Defeat him, and you’ll be adored with a Prayer Bead.

13. Ashina Alcazar – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Lone Shadow Longswordsman

Warp aback to the Idol or aloof arch to the alpha of the breadth if you adorned walking. Already you’ve dealt with the aboriginal four enemies and you alpha grappling from the larboard ancillary application the timberline branches, you’ll appointment an annoying mob with a pan in a breadth abounding with bushes. Get rid of it and hug the wall, activity arise the added side.

You’ll be adverse the access of a new area. Allocution to the NPC but don’t go bottomward through the entrance. Accumulate walking arise until you see a pit, which is aiming appropriate aloft the Lone Shadow Longswordsman mini boss. Get yourself a chargeless Deathblow, and addition Prayer Bead already you exhausted him.

14. Ashina Alcazar – Abandoned Dungeon Access Idol

This one is a nice change of pace. Aloof allocution to to merchant who is aloof a few accomplish from the Idol annex forward. Forth with stocking up to abide your journey, accomplish abiding to acquirement one Prayer Bead in barter of 1400 Sen. If alone all of them were so simple.

15. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Shugendo Idol: Armored Warrior

Also angry to the capital path, you’ll accept to face the Armored Warrior mini boss. To get there from the Shugendo Idol, advance your way to the aboriginal timberline you see. Get to the added ancillary and stick to the board stairs. Beware of an adversary appropriate about the bend (although you can aloof jump on it).

Make a bifold jump and lift yourself from the ledge. Jump already added to the rock, and echo the action until you’re assuredly on the collapsed surface. Advance your way aloft and you’ll end up in a continued bankrupt bridge. There’s the Armored Warrior encounter, which will admission you addition Prayer Bead for the collection.

16. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol: Long-Arm Gentipede Sen’un

Next up is addition mini boss, the Long-arm Gentipede Sen’un, but there’s a way to accretion advantage as well. From the Idol, accomplish your way grappling and jumping on the rooftops. Avoid all the monks and get accomplished the big building. Abide through the rooftop and focus on accepting central a abode on the right.

Don’t get advanced of yourself aloof yet. You can access from a aperture within, but accomplish abiding to not acreage on the arena attic for now, aback there are centipedes who will accomplish the action way harder. Plus, you can use this befalling to jump aloft Sen’un for that candied aboriginal deathblow. Finish the job, and you’ll access a Prayer Bead.

17. Sunken Valley – Under-Shrine Valley Idol:

Travel to the Under-Shrine Valley Idol and face backwards. Accumulate activity to appointment two enemies, and afresh a aisle central the arctic cave. Grab the ledge by jumping and afresh stick to the bank until you go outside. You’ll be aback in Ashina Outskirts.

In there you’ll acquisition addition Prayer Bead abutting to the statues, but beware with the adversary who’s nearby.

18. Sunken Valley- Sunken Valley Idol: Snake Eyes Shirafuji

From the Sunken Valley Idol, accomplish your way grappling advanced until you see a massive Buddha bronze head. In there, adapt for a action adjoin Snake Eyes Shirafuji, and access a Prayer Bead for your agitation afterwards acquisition her.

19. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol: Long-arm Centipede Giraffe

Following from the Gun Fort Idol, you’ll accept to face Long-arm Centipede Giraffe. Do so, and as you apparently guessed, there’s a Prayer Bead as reward.

20. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol

Don’t go through the aperture aloof yet. See that aperture in the arena on the larboard ancillary to breadth the action aloof happened? Bead central and abide ample until you see two paths. The one on the appropriate is blocked, but the one on the larboard is the one you want.

Look up and use your grapple, do it already added until you get to a abode with red lights. You can get central to action some bank lizards and aces up x3 Divine Confetti, or aloof aim backwards and abide activity upwards.

You’ll alpha audition sounds from baby centipedes, bead and action your way through them. Aloof beware of the bank lizards then, aback they’ll adulteration you easily.

Once that’s settled, feel chargeless to grab yet addition Prayer Bead.

Looking for added Sekiro pages like this? Aboriginal up, the aboriginal capital Sekiro application addendum for amend 1.03 are live. Otherwise, our Sekiro bang-up guide, bang-up account and walkthrough hub has aggregate in one place, including pages on Lady Butterfly, Genichiro Ashina Way of Tomoe, Folding Screen Monkeys, Corrupted Monk, Guardian Ape, Great Shinobi Owl, Emma and Isshin Ashina, True Corrupted Monk, and Divine Dragon. We additionally accept all-embracing pages like Sekiro tips and tricks to get you started, Sekiro Skills, accomplishment timberline and Esoteric Text locations explained, our abysmal dive on the Sekiro action system, Posture, and Perilous Attacks, or capacity on all Sekiro Prosthetic Tool locations, how to cure Dragonrot and Rot Essence in Sekiro, Gourd Seed locations, a Divine Confetti acreage avenue method, all Treasure Carp Scale locations, all, Prayer Beads locations and all Snap Seed locations, too. And aback you’re accessible – the how to exhausted Isshin Brand Saint and an Isshin Brand Saint cheese, additional the abounding Sekiro endings.

21. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol: Snake Eyes Shirahagi

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There are two Prayer Beads to aces up from here, but first, assumption what? Yes, it’s addition mini boss, called Snake Eyes Shirahagi. The best way to access her is the following: from the Idol, abatement into the board belvedere beneath, and afresh assimilate the abutting one on the appropriate side. Move aloof a bit and you’ll apprehension a gunner behind. Aloof bead yourself and stealth annihilate him.

Now, you’ll appetite to get beyond by application the advance until a bronze head, abatement to the larboard ancillary so there’s no accident of Shirahagi seeing you. Bastard up on her and the action will begin, alone that you’ll accept the high hand.

If it seems too adamantine at first, we acclaim that you accomplish bifold all-overs on her, which will do aspect accident and admission you the change to do a quick few hits. There’s your aboriginal Prayer Bead, forth with a new breadth to analyze aloof ahead.

22. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol

In fact, that’s breadth we accept to go next. Accumulate activity through the aisle and accomplish a about-face to the larboard aback you get the chance. Bend and advance through there until you accommodated a abode breadth you can get up again.

Jump to the left, accumulate affective upwards by jumping on the walls and you’ll be aback at the surface, alone that from a abundant college perspective. Grab the account and afresh use your advance assimilate addition arch statue. There’s your added Prayer Bead.

23. Ashina Depths – Hidden Backwoods Idol: Tokujiro the Glutton

Tokujiro The Glutton is up next. This action is actual agnate to the Drunkard, but it ability be alarming to acquisition at first. The hidden backwoods is alarming and it’s accessible to get lost. The best way to acquisition this appointment is to accumulate afterward the lights in the copse appropriate afterwards the Idol, get accomplished the craven foe and, in the collapsed apparent (for reference, there’s a baby alarm with an NPC sitting appropriate abutting to it) attending for the copse beneath.

Minor spoilers, but if you fall, you’ll end up in a action adjoin a Headless. Let’s accumulate that for afterwards and focus on the Prayer Bead for now. To get there fromt he ideol, bead assimilate the tree, and afresh assimilate the abutting one. Accumulate affective forwards, avoid the bank on the larboard and aloof bead yourself. See the timberline annex on the left? Advance your way up there and you’ll be aloof a few accomplish from the fight.

The mini bang-up is amidst with monkeys so it would be best to try and allure them first, in adjustment to get that chargeless Deathblow that we’ve developed so absorbed to during this guide. You can use your advance on a timberline annex on the appropriate to get to a platform, which can additionally be accessible to bandy some Shurikens safely. You know, shinobi style. Annihilate him and you’ll acquire yourself a Prayer Bead.

24. Ashina Depths – Baptize Mill Idol: O’Rin of the Water

Right afterwards Mibu Village, you’ll access Baptize Mill. Actuate exploring the breadth advanced from the idol and you’ll see an NPC. Appropriate accomplished him is a big breadth with a appearance that seems controllable at first, but it’s no added than O’Rin of the Water. Accomplish abiding to use Divine Confetti for this one. Already beaten, you’ll get yourself a new Prayer Bead.

25. Ashina Depths – Baptize Mill Idol

There’s addition one to booty affliction of. Accumulate activity through the arch afterwards the action and you’ll end up seeing a abode amidst by enemies. The best way to access this is to bastard abaft them to the appropriate side, and you’ll see abundant allowance to clamber inside.

Start affective and you’ll see a alert to hug the floor. Do so, and Sekiro would aloof about-face and arise central the house. Don’t worry, there aren’t enemies there.

Now arch alfresco from the burst window, attending abaft you and use your advance to get into the burst attic. There’s your Prayer Bead.

26. Ashina Depths – Mibu Village Idol

After acquisition the Corrupted Monk in the Baptize Mill area, go aback to the Mibu Village Idol.

Keep annex beeline until you’re adverse the lake, and booty a swim. Forth with a new anamnesis to access your advance power, the Corrupted Monk grants you the Mibu Breathing Technique skill, which is binding to access a few Prayer Beads.

Now, columnist R2/RT to alight into the water. Alpha pond and stick to the appropriate side. As anon as you can arch bottomward deeper, do so you’ll apprehension a aglow chest. Loot it, and you’ll access a new Prayer Bead.

27. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol

Now, authoritative use of your new skill, go aback to the Temple Grounds Idol. Go accomplished the barrio beneath you for a basin of water. Dive, and you’ll see a few active statues, but it’s the one on the appropriate ancillary that you appetite to bathe to.

Just aces up the account and you’ll be set with a new Prayer Bead.

28. and 29. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol / Adulteration Basin Idol: Dual Apes

Remember the action adjoin Snake Eyes Shirahagi? Go aback and accumulate annex arise to acquisition a cautiously big cave. If you defeated the Guardian Ape aback in Bodhisattva Valley, you’ll acquisition him actuality afresh for a new fight. Thankfully, he will accord you not one, but two Prayer Beads for your trouble.

30. Ashina Alcazar – High Tower – Antechamber Idol: Chained Ogre (after Corrupted Monk Guardian Ape)

After authoritative your way to the High Tower – Antechamber Idol already more, accumulate activity until the aisle and advance your way to the bottom. Surprise, a new Chained Ogre is there, so get accessible to set him on fire. Already you’ve defeated him, you’ll access a new Prayer Bead.

31. Ashina Alcazar – Old Grave Idol: Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer

Exit from the aback of breadth the action adjoin the Chained Ogre aloof happened appropriate up until the Old Grave Idol. Face backwards, and we acclaim that you aloof accomplish a run for it.

Make a appropriate turn, advance through the arch and abide annex to the backwoods area. On the end of the aisle you’ll see the house. Beware of the three wolves there and get inside.

Now, you appetite to bend as you go up the stairs, and about-face left. Feel chargeless to eavesdrop the adversary and afresh bastard up on him for a candied advantage. That’s Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer, who will acquiescently accord you a Prayer Bead for acquisition him.

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32. Ashina Alcazar – High Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Lone Shadow Vilehand

Warp aback to the Antechamber Idol. Accomplish your way about the aisle and arch admiral to achieve the Ashina Dojo Idol. Surprise! There’s a new mini bang-up cat-and-mouse for you: Lone Shadow Vilehand.

As anon as you access the room, you can see an adversary on the left. If you stealth annihilate him and actuate the Puppeteer Ninjutsu, he will accord you a duke during the fight. Already Vilehand is no more, you’ll get a new Prayer Bead.

Clarification: From here, it’s affected that you absitively to “Break the Iron Code, break loyal to Kuro” aback you accommodated Owl in the Ashina Castle’s rooftop. Choosing the added advantage will lock you up to the “bad” ending, and you won’t be able to aces up all Prayer Beads.

The aftermost ones are in a new adaptation of Hirata Estate, the new breadth Fountainhead Palace, and the aftermost adaptation of Ashina Alcazar and Ashina Outskirts.

33. Hirata Estate – Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol: Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer (again)

If you sided with Kuro, afresh you will get to a point breadth you’ll use the Father’s Alarm aback in the Dilapidated Temple. This will booty you a new adaptation of the Hirata Estate.

There are two mini administration in here, but the aboriginal is optional. From the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol (or appropriate aback you’re aboriginal angled there in the aboriginal place), acknowledgment to the afire house. Central you’ll acquisition Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer. Yes, he’s back, now with alike added wolves tagging along.

Defeat him, and you’ll acquire a Prayer Bead.

34. Hirata Estate – Capital Anteroom Idol: Juzou the Drunkard (again)

This one is can afresh be either absent or acquired as you go, depending on which catastrophe you’re attractive to follow. As you’re authoritative your way to the Hirata Audience Chamber, you’ll accommodated Juzou the Drunkard again. The movesets are agnate to the aboriginal fight, so accomplish abiding to use our adviser if you appetite to brace your memory.

Once you’re done with him, he will accord you a Prayer Bead.

35. Fountainhead Palace – Flower Viewing Stage Idol: Sakura Bull

Don’t fret, this one is accessible to find. From the Idol, accomplish your way to the houses in the aback and advance yourself to the rooftop as anon as you’re able to. Accumulate activity through there and, if you alpha to apprehension the aisle of bodies below, you’ll actuate to anticipate something’s off.

That’s right, the mini bang-up Sakura Balderdash of the Palace will appearance up in that corridor. Also, if you anticipate you could get a chargeless deathblow by jumping from the rooftop, I’ve got bad account for you. Afterwards ambidextrous with the bull, you’ll get a Prayer Bead.

36. Fountainhead Palace – Great Sakura Idol: Okami Leader Shizu

This is apparently the easiest of them all. You can actually atom Okami Leader Shizu from the Idol, and the bloom basin makes them attending like a approved enemy. You aloof accept to contrivance their lighting attacks as you get closer. Already you’re victorious, you’ll get a new Prayer Bead.

37. Fountainhead Palace – Great Sakura Idol

Don’t run abroad from the abode aloof yet. Stand on the bend of the log and you’ll see a behemothic abode active central the lake. Jump and booty a swim, and already you’re accepting closer, you appetite to alpha diving way down.

To save you from a affection attack, there is a Headless appointment below. You can booty them over if you want, but it’s absolutely accessible to skip the action altogether. Aloof accumulate diving added until you see the debris of a angle at the bottom. Accessible up the chest, and you’ll be set with a new Prayer Bead.

38. Ashina Alcazar – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Seven Ashina Spears Suhme Masaji Oniwa

We’re aback actuality for the final amplitude of the game. Afterwards you acquisition the Idol, you’ll see a massive blaze in advanced of you. Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa is cat-and-mouse there for you, forth with a friend. Defeat him, and you’ll access a Prayer Bead.

Additionally, you can use a Gachiin’s Sugar to bastard up on him from the larboard side, which will accomplish things easier.

39. Ashina Alcazar – High Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Ashina Elite Ujinari Mizou

In adjustment to get actuality already more, aloof chase the aisle alfresco the alcazar until you acquisition the alarm window from which you initially jumped into the High Tower – Antechamber Idol.

You appetite to booty a about-face on the aisle on the appropriate and go bottomward the stairs. Accomplish a U-turn and you’ll see a door. Slash it with your brand and get inside. If you chase the corridor, you’ll cantankerous paths with Ashina Elite – Ujinari Mizou. It’s agnate to the aboriginal Ashina Elite in the Dojo, alone that this one is a Red Eyes. Use fire, and use it hard. You’ll access a new Prayer Bead.

40. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Bank – Stairway (From Old Grave Idol): Shigekichi of the Red Guard

Start authoritative your way through the rooftops until you see the Kite you acclimated aback in the Temple area.

Use it to advance yourself all to the added side, breadth a massive action is demography abode in the bridge. Accomplish your way about to the added ancillary and afresh jump to the appropriate ancillary to access the Underground Valley Idol.

From there, aloof go up to the arch afresh and booty the appropriate side. You’ll get to baby battlefield breadth Shigekichi of the Red Guard is assured you, who is agnate to the Drunkard but uses blaze instead. Already defeated, you’ll be set with the final Prayer Bead. Congrats!

That’s all 40 Prayer Beads done! Arch aback to our capital Sekiro guide, bang-up account and walkthrough for a account of all our added pages like this to advice you thruogh the game.

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