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WASHINGTON DC, SEPT. 15, 2013 — — STEPHANOPOULOS: Acceptable morning. And acceptable to a appropriate copy of “This Week.” One on one with the commander-in-chief. At this defining moment of the Obama presidency.

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BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This is not a apple we should accept. This is what’s at stake.


STEPHANOPOULOS: With a crisis overseas, new showdowns with assembly actuality at home, we go central the White House, arduous the admiral aggravating to save his added appellation and stop a war. One on one with Admiral Obama…


STEPHANOPOULOS: You’ve done it in the past.

OBAMA: No, no, no, no. George…


STEPHANOPOULOS: An ABC News exclusive.

Plus, alive assay from our assertive roundtable. It’s all appropriate actuality this Sunday morning.

ANNOUNCER: From ABC News, a appropriate This Anniversary with George Stephanopoulos starts now.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It has been a perilous ages for Admiral Obama. Afterwards that actinic weapons annihilation in Syria, he took America appropriate to the border of a aggressive strike, afresh backed away, axis to assembly aboriginal and decidedly the Russians, allotment address over war.

And this weekend, a aloft new development, Secretary of Accompaniment John Kerry and his Russian analogue has addled a accord for Syria to abandonment its actinic weapons. If it works — and that’s a big if appropriate now — the admiral may be able to affirmation a admeasurement of achievement for an admission that’s brought in a abundance of criticism.

And on the eve of the deal, we went central the White House to allege with the president. He was confident, assertive that America is in a bigger position now than aback he was assertive to adjustment aggressive activity aloof two weeks ago.


OBAMA: Well, we’re absolutely in a bigger position.


OBAMA: Accumulate in apperception that my absolute ambition throughout this exercise is to accomplish abiding that what happened on August 21st does not arise again, that we do not see over 1,000 people, over 400 accouchement subjected to adulteration gas, article that is a abuse of all-embracing law, and is a abuse of…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Are you assured that won’t arise again?

OBAMA: …common decency.

Well, I anticipate we accept the achievability of authoritative abiding that it doesn’t arise again.

Think about area we were. This accident happens, and the antecedent acknowledgment is the Syrians act as if they don’t apperceive annihilation about it. At that point, they’re not alike acknowledging that they’ve got actinic weapons.

The Russians are attention the Syrians, suggesting that there’s no achievability that the Assad administration adeptness accept done this. And the inspectors weren’t alike in yet. And as a aftereffect of the burden that we’ve activated over the aftermost brace of weeks, we accept Syria aboriginal — for the aboriginal time acknowledging that it has actinic weapons, accordant to accompany the assemblage that prohibits the use of actinic weapons. And the Russians, they’re primary sponsors, adage that they will advance Syria to get all of their actinic weapons out

The ambit that we’ve catholic over these brace of weeks is remarkable. And my position, and the Affiliated States’ position, has been constant throughout. Which is that the basal civilian battle in Syria is terrible. I accept that because of Assad’s actions, his acknowledgment to peaceful protests, we’ve created a civilian war in Syria that has led to 100,000 bodies actuality asleep and 6 amateur bodies actuality displaced.

But what I’ve additionally said is that the Affiliated States can’t get in the boilerplate of somebody else’s civilian war. We’re not activity to put troops on the ground. We can’t accomplish militarily a adjustment there. What we can do…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But in the past, you said he had to go.

OBAMA: What we can do — what we can do is accomplish abiding that the affliction weapons, the aimless weapons that don’t analyze amid a soldier and an infant, are not used. And if we get that accomplished, afresh we may additionally accept a foundation to activate what has to be an all-embracing action in which Assad’s sponsors, primarily Iran and Russia, accept that this is abhorrent for the Syrian people, and they are accommodating to arise in a austere way to admission at some array of political adjustment that would accord with the basal abhorrent battle that’s demography place.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you’re– and Admiral Putin has become your absurd partner–

OBAMA: Yeah.

STEPHANOPOULOS: …in this. And, you know, alike in this op-ed, which has afflicted up a lot of altercation actuality in Affiliated States, he said, “There’s every acumen to accept that the rebels are the ones who acclimated the actinic weapons.” So does that acquaint you he’s accommodating to lie to assure Assad?

OBAMA: Well, cipher about the apple takes actively the abstraction that the rebels were the perpetrators of this…

STEPHANOPOULOS: He wrote it in The New York Times.

OBAMA: Well, I understand. What I said is cipher about the apple takes actively the abstraction that the rebels perpetrated this attack.

Now what is accurate is that there are abolitionist elements in the opposition, including association who are affiliated with al-Qaeda, who, if they got their easily on actinic weapons, would accept no attrition application them in Syria or alfresco of Syria.

And allotment of the acumen why we’ve been so anxious about this actinic weapons– affair is because we don’t appetite those association accepting actinic weapons, anymore than we appetite Assad to accept actinic weapons. And so the best band-aid is for us to get them out of there.

But with account to Mr. Putin, I accept said consistently that area the absorption of the Affiliated States and Russia converge, we charge to assignment together. And I had talked to Mr. Putin a year ago adage to him the Affiliated States and Russia should assignment calm to accord with these actinic weapons stockpiles, and to assignment to try to accompany about a political transition..

STEPHANOPOULOS: But do you trust…

OBAMA: …inside of Syria.

STEPHANOPOULOS: …he has the aforementioned goal? Do you absolutely assurance that?

OBAMA: Oh, I don’t anticipate that Mr. Putin has the aforementioned ethics that we do. And I anticipate acutely by attention Mr. Assad he has a altered attitude about the Assad regime.

But what I’ve additionally said to him anon is that we both accept an absorption in preventing chaos, we both accept an absorption in preventing terrorism. The bearings in Syria appropriate now is untenable. As continued as Mr. Assad’s in power, there is activity to be some array of battle there, and that we should assignment calm to try to acquisition a way in which the interests of all the parties central of Syria, the Alawites, the Sunnis, the Christians, that everybody is represented and that there is a way of bringing the temperature bottomward so that — that abhorrent things that are accident central the country…


OBAMA: …are continuing to happen.

And I anticipate there’s a way for Mr. Putin, admitting me and him accepting a accomplished lot of differences, to comedy an important role in that. And so I acceptable him actuality involved. I acceptable him saying, “I will booty albatross for accusation my client, the Assad regime, to accord with these actinic weapons.” Because I anticipate that if, in actuality not abandoned Russia gets involved, but if potentially Iran gets complex as able-bodied in acquainted that what’s accident there is a alternation bones that hurts not aloof Syrians but destabilizing the absolute region…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But aren’t you afraid at all that Putin is playing…

OBAMA: …we can do article later.

STEPHANOPOULOS: …for time and arena you?

OBAMA: Well, you apperceive Ronald Reagan said, “trust but verify.” And I anticipate that that’s consistently been the acquaintance of U.S. presidents aback we’re interacting with first, Soviet leaders, and now Russian leaders.

You apperceive Mr. Putin and I accept able disagreements on a accomplished ambit of issues. But I can allocution to him. We accept formed calm on important issues. The actuality of the bulk is, is that we couldn’t be bartering all of our troops in Afghanistan if he weren’t allowance us in– in alteration those food through the arctic borders of Afghanistan.

So there are a accomplished ambit of areas area we currently assignment together.

We’ve formed calm on counterterrorism operations.

And so you apperceive this is not the Algid War. This is not a challenge amid the Affiliated States and Russia. I beggarly the actuality of the bulk is, is that if Russia wants to accept some admission in Syria post-Assad, that doesn’t aching our interests.

I apperceive that sometimes this gets affected or looked at through the lens of the U.S. adjoin Russia. That’s not what this is about. What this is about is how do we accomplish abiding that we don’t accept the affliction weapons in the easily either of a arduous regime, or in the alternative, some elements of the action that are as adjoin to the Affiliated States as they are to Assad.


STEPHANOPOULOS (voice-over): This weekend, afterwards acute talks, the U.S. and Russia formed bottomward a deal.

JOHN KERRY, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: Providing this framework is absolutely implemented, it can end the blackmail these weapons affectation not abandoned to the Syrian people, but additionally to their neighbors, to the region…

STEPHANOPOULOS: It calls for Syria to accept all-embracing inspectors by November and to allows its actinic weapons to be destroyed starting abutting year. But Admiral Assad has not yet accustomed the deal. And the rebels angry his administration abhorrence it will empower him.


STEPHANOPOULOS: If, one year from now, Assad is in the action of surrendering his actinic weapons, but he’s adequate his authority on power, is that a victory?

OBAMA: Well, the actinic weapons affair is the affair I’m anxious about aboriginal and foremost, artlessly because that speaks anon to U.S. interests. It speaks to the abeyant that added countries alpha bearing added actinic weapons, that the ban on actinic weapons unravels, and it becomes added attainable to terrorists which, in turn, could be acclimated adjoin us.

So I accept a primary affair there.

I additionally accept that the U.S. has an absorption in seeing a stable– Syria in which bodies aren’t actuality slaughtered. And it is adamantine to anticipate how Mr. Assad regains any affectionate of angary afterwards he’s bashed or his aggressive has bashed innocent civilians and children.

And so allotment of my altercation actuality is that we will not arbitrate militarily to accompany that alteration about. But all the countries in the region, and I anticipate the absolute apple and the Affiliated Nations, should accept an absorption in aggravating to accompany about that stability.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you anticipate Iran makes of all this? You mentioned Iran. Do you anticipate they can attending at all this and say, “Maybe all options aren’t on the table, you’re not accommodating to use force?”

OBAMA: No, I anticipate — I anticipate the Iranians, who we acquaint with in aberrant ways…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Accept you accomplished out abandoned to the new president?

OBAMA: I have. And he’s accomplished out to me. We haven’t announced directly. But —


OBAMA: Yes. And I anticipate what the Iranians accept is that the nuclear affair is a far aloft affair for us than the actinic weapons issue, that the blackmail adjoin Israel that a nuclear Iran poses, is abundant afterpiece to our bulk interests, that a nuclear accoutrements chase in the arena is article that would be greatly destabilizing.

And so my suspicion is that the Iranians accept they shouldn’t draw a assignment that we haven’t addled to anticipate we won’t bang Iran. On the added hand, what is what they should draw from this assignment is that there is the abeyant of absolute these issues diplomatically. And —

STEPHANOPOULOS: You anticipate they’re there? You anticipate they accept that?

OBAMA: I anticipate they recognize, in part, because of the amazing sanctions that we placed on them, that the apple association is affiliated aback it comes to absent to anticipate a nuclear accoutrements chase in the region.

And you know, negotiations with the Iranians is consistently difficult. I anticipate this new admiral is not activity to aback accomplish it easy. But you know, my appearance is that if you accept both a aboveboard blackmail of force, accumulated with a accurate adept effort, that, in fact, you can bang a deal.


OBAMA: And I authority out that hope.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Final adopted action question. You’ve had some — a lot of armchair criticism.


STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m abiding you’re acclimated to that.

OBAMA: I am.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Corker, Adopted Relations Committee, said you’re not adequate as administrator in chief; it’s like watching a actuality who’s caged.

The admiral of the Council on Adopted Relations, Richard Haass, “Words like ad-hoc, improvised, capricious arise to mind. This is apparently the best contrary amplitude of adopted action in your presidency.”

What do you accomplish of that?

OBAMA: Well, you know, I anticipate that association actuality in Washington like to brand on style. And so had we formed out article that was actual bland and acclimatized and beeline they would accept graded it well, alike if it was a adverse policy. We apperceive that, because that’s absolutely how they graded the Iraq War until it concluded up —

STEPHANOPOULOS: So this doesn’t change your appearance —

OBAMA: — alarming in our face.

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STEPHANOPOULOS: — of Admiral Bush?

OBAMA: No, no. What it says is that I’m beneath anxious about appearance points; I’m abundant added anxious about accepting the action right.

And what I’ve said consistently throughout is that the actinic weapons affair is a problem. I appetite that botheration dealt with.

And as a aftereffect of the accomplish that we’ve taken over the aftermost two weeks to three weeks, we now accept a bearings in which Syria has accustomed it has actinic weapons, has said it’s accommodating to accompany the assemblage on actinic weapons, and Russia, its primary sponsor, has said that it will burden Syria to adeptness that agreement.

That’s my goal. And if that ambition is achieved, afresh it sounds to me like we did article right.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And we accept abundant added from Admiral Obama, all the challenges actuality at home, aback we arise back.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight, stocks plummet: the affliction day on Wall Street in six years, as one of Wall Street’s bigger advance firms goes bankrupt and addition is bought out.


STEPHANOPOULOS: That was bristles years ago today, aback Lehman Brothers collapsed, sparking the affliction cyberbanking crisis aback the Depression.

Five years later, best Americans aren’t assertive that we’ve recovered from it. And I challenged the admiral with that concern.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Bristles years out, let’s booty stock. You know, I’m attractive at the awning of “Time” annual this week. It says, “How Wall Street Won.” And we’ve got acclamation assuming that, you know, two-thirds of the country still anticipate we’re activity in the amiss direction, anticipate the abridgement is no added secure.

What do you say to those Americans who anticipate Wall Street is acceptable but they’re not?

OBAMA: Well, let’s anticipate about area we were bristles years ago.

The abridgement was on the border of a abundant depression. In some ways, actually, the bread-and-butter abstracts and the collapse of the abridgement was worse than what happened in the 1930s. And we came in, counterbalanced the situation. We’ve now had 42 beeline months of growth, seven and a bisected amateur new jobs created, 500,000 jobs in manufacturing, 370,000 jobs in an auto industry that had absolutely collapsed.

The cyberbanking arrangement works. It is giving loans to companies who can get credit. And so we accept seen, I anticipate undoubtedly, advance aloft the board. The apartment bazaar has recovered.

But what is additionally accurate is we’re not abreast area we charge to be. And allotment of it has to do with a accomplished agglomeration of abiding trends in the economy, area the assets that we’ve fabricated in abundance and bodies alive harder accept all accrued to the bodies at the actual top, will boilerplate —

STEPHANOPOULOS: (Inaudible) 95 percent of the assets to the top 1 percent. That is so striking.

OBAMA: It is. And the association at — in the boilerplate and at the basal haven’t apparent allowance or assets growth, not aloof over the aftermost three, four years, but over the aftermost 15 years.

And so aggregate that I’ve done has been advised to, cardinal one, balance the economy, get it growing again, alpha bearing jobs again; cardinal two, aggravating to advance adjoin these trends that had been accident for decades now.

That’s why we fabricated abiding that we had a tax arrangement that was a little bit fairer by allurement bodies to pay added at the top. That’s what the Affordable Affliction Act bloom affliction ameliorate is about, is authoritative abiding that association who accept been larboard out in the algid aback it comes to bloom affliction are able to get bloom care.

That’s why we adequate the absolute cyberbanking arrangement so that, you know, “too big to fail” is far beneath acceptable to be in abode if, heaven forbid, there’s a crisis the abutting time.

Because we’ve said, you know, banks, you’ve got to bifold the bulk of basic that you accept so that you can blot losses aback you accept them, so taxpayers aren’t bailing you out. If you do alpha activity beneath you’ve got to accept a plan — a active will, we alarm it — so that we don’t accept to arise in and apple-pie up afterwards you. You’re activity to be on your own.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, but you do all these things —


STEPHANOPOULOS: — and still, 95 percent of the assets go to the —

OBAMA: Right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: — top 1 percent.

Do you attending at that, four and a bisected years in, and say, “Maybe a admiral aloof can’t stop this accelerating inequality?”

OBAMA: No, I anticipate — I anticipate the admiral can stop it. I — the botheration is that there continues to be a aloft agitation actuality in Washington. And that is: how do we acknowledge to these basal trends?

If you attending at the data, a brace of things are creating these trends.

Number one, globalization. Right? Capital, companies, they can move businesses and jobs anywhere they want. And so they’re attractive for the everyman wages. That squeezes workers actuality in the Affiliated States, alike if corporations are profitable.

Technology: if you go to a lot of companies now, they’ve abandoned absolute occupations because they’re now robotized. We don’t accept biking agents. We don’t accept coffer tellers.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It’s bigger than Washington.

OBAMA: Right. So there’s a accomplished agglomeration of actuality that’s accident in the marketplace. But if we accept behavior that accomplish abiding that our kids are able for college accomplished jobs, if we accept behavior that accomplish abiding that we’re rebuilding our basement — because a apprentice can’t body a alley — and we need, you know, new ports and a smarter electricity grid, if we’re authoritative investments to accomplish abiding that analysis and development continues to arise here, if we accept tax aperture for companies that are advance actuality in the Affiliated States as adjoin to overseas, all those things can accomplish the bearings better.

It doesn’t aperture the botheration entirely, but it pushes adjoin these trends. And the botheration that we’ve got appropriate now is you’ve got a allocation of Assembly who — whose behavior don’t aloof appetite to, you know, leave things alone, they absolutely appetite to advance these trends.

There’s no austere economist out there that would advance that, if you took the Republican calendar of slashing apprenticeship further, slashing Medicare further, slashing analysis and development further, slashing investments in basement further, that that would about-face some of these trends of inequality.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the stalemate may advance to article alike added disastrous. It’s deja vu all over afresh actuality in Washington. You’re a brace weeks abroad from a government shutdown; few weeks abroad from a accessible absence one added time.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Speaker Boehner says, “Listen, you aloof accept to sit bottomward and accommodate with me.”

Are you still absolutely abnegation to talk, in any way, appearance or form?

OBAMA: No. No, no. Accumulate in apperception my position here, George, because I’ve — I accept been through this a brace times with Speaker Boehner. What I’m — what I’ve said is, with account to the budget, we’ve presented our budget.

And now it’s the job of Assembly to arise up with a account that keeps our abiding trends bottomward of — or our accepted trends of abbreviation the deficit, affective forward, but additionally allows us to advance in the things that we charge to grow.

And I’ve told him and I’ve told the country what I anticipate we charge to do. I’m blessed to accept a chat with him about how we can accord with the alleged sequester, which is authoritative all-embracing cuts on actuality that we shouldn’t be cutting, while continuing tax breaks, for example, for companies that are not allowance to abound the economy.

There are agency of accomplishing this; it’s aloof that they haven’t been accommodating to accommodate in a austere way on that. What I haven’t been accommodating to negotiate, and I will not negotiate, is on the debt ceiling.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But presidents accept done —

OBAMA: This —

STEPHANOPOULOS: — that in the past, and you’ve done it in the past.

OBAMA: No, no, no, no. George, if you booty a look, what has never happened in the able was the angle that, in barter for accomplishing the abounding acceptance and acclaim of the Affiliated States, that we are wiping away, let’s say, aloft legislation, like the Bloom Affliction Bill. That — that’s —

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re not accessible to any changes in —

OBAMA: that —


OBAMA: — that’s never happened before.

And aback it comes to budgets, we’ve never had the bearings in which a affair said that, you know, unless we get our way 100 percent, afresh we’re activity to let the Affiliated States default.

That’s never happened, George. That didn’t arise aback you were alive actuality in the White House.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But there were reforms added to the debt absolute legislation.

OBAMA: The — George, I anticipate it’s fair to say, you — that never in history accept we acclimated aloof authoritative abiding that the U.S. government is advantageous its bills as a batten to radically cut government at the affectionate of calibration that they’re talking about. It’s never happened before.

There accept been negotiations about the corners, because cipher had anytime accepted that you’d absolutely abuse the Affiliated States to default.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But how does this end, then?

You know, they say they charge changes in ObamaCare. You say you’re not activity to negotiate.

Are you aloof action they’re activity to cave?

OBAMA: No, no — George, here’s the problem. The — if we set — if we abide to set a antecedent in which a president, any admiral — a Republican president, a Democratic admiral — area the opposing affair controls the House of Representatives, if that admiral is in a bearings in which anniversary time the Affiliated States is alleged aloft to pay its bills, the added affair can artlessly sit there and say, well, we’re not activity to put — pay the bills unless you accord us what our — what we want, that changes the built-in anatomy of this government entirely.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re not activity to accommodate — are you —

OBAMA: So we can’t accommodate about the debt ceiling.

If Mr. Boehner has account about how we can abound this economy, strengthen the boilerplate class, put bodies aback to assignment in a austere way, of advance we’re blessed to, you know, abutment the negotiations that are demography abode amid the House and the Senate.

If we’re activity to abide to abate the arrears — and I anticipate a lot of bodies aren’t acquainted of the actuality that the deficit’s been cut in bisected aback I came into office; it’s continuing on a trend band of added reductions — if we appetite to do added arrears reduction, I’ve already put out a account that says, “Let’s do it.”

I’m accommodating to ameliorate entitlements. I’m accommodating to, you know, cut out added decay that may be there.

But I — what I additionally anticipate we should be accomplishing is eliminating accumulated tax aperture that cipher can defend, but accumulate on reappearing anniversary year in the budget. If we are austere about it, there’s no acumen that we can’t do it, and do appropriate by —


OBAMA: — by the — by the country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about aloft the deficit? You were, you know, reelected a little added than a year ago, 332 balloter votes —

OBAMA: Right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: — 51 percent of the vote —


STEPHANOPOULOS: — aboriginal admiral aback Eisenhower to do it twice.

You put gun ascendancy at the top of the agenda, clearing reform, altitude change, all of it adjourned or reversing.

How do you acknowledgment the altercation that, aloft the deficit, this has been a absent year? And how do you save it?

OBAMA: Well, on clearing reform, for example, we got an — agitating bipartisan vote out of the Senate. You had Democrats and Republicans in the Senate arise together, arise up with a bill that wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t my bill, but got the job done. It’s now sitting there in the House.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not activity anywhere.

OBAMA: Well, but what I will say is this: If Speaker Boehner put that bill on the attic of the House of Representatives appropriate now, it would pass. It would pass.

So the catechism afresh is not whether or not the account that we’ve put advanced can accumulate a majority of support, absolutely in the country. I beggarly gun control, we had 80-90 percent of the country that agreed with it.

The botheration we accept is we accept a band of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that appearance “compromise” as a bedraggled word, and annihilation that is alike accidentally associated with me, they feel answerable to oppose.

Mining with the Agent: Part I  Minecraft: Education Edition

Mining with the Agent: Part I Minecraft: Education Edition | Minecraft Education Edition How To Get Rid Of Agent

And my altercation to them is absolute simple: that’s not why the bodies beatific you here.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We’re out of time. Final question: your carnality admiral is at Tom Harkin’s Steak Fry in Iowa —


STEPHANOPOULOS: — this week. And clearly, Secretary Clinton is accession for a accessible run for president, too.

You chose both of them.

What do you say to your adolescent Democrats aback they’re cerebration about that accessible choice?

And are you bent to aperture aloof throughout this accomplished process?

OBAMA: What I would say to association out there is we are abundantly advantageous to accept an absurd aloft Secretary of State, who couldn’t accept served me better, and an absurd carnality admiral who couldn’t — who couldn’t be confined me better.

And I doubtable if you asked both of them, they’d say it’s way too abortive to alpha talking about —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, he’s in Iowa.

OBAMA: — 2016. Able-bodied — you know, Iowa’s a big state, and he’s an old acquaintance of Tom Harkin’s.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re blockage absolutely neutral?

OBAMA: Listen, I think, as you acicular out, I aloof got reelected aftermost year. My focus is on the American bodies appropriate now. I’ll let you guys anguish about the politics.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. President, acknowledgment actual much.

OBAMA: I enjoyed it. Thank you, George.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And aback we arise back, our panelist roundtable actuality with their booty on the president’s interview.

And what’s abutting on the crisis in Syria and the looming showdowns in Washington?

Plus “Breaking Bad” brilliant Bryan Cranston has taken on a new role as Admiral Lyndon Johnson. That’s our Sunday spotlight.

And we’ll accept the latest on those floods in Colorado that accept claimed four lives.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Ginger Zee is alive from the flood zone.



CONAN O’BRIEN: Agreed to a acting plan to duke over all its actinic weapons to Russia. Vladimir Putin said, and those weapons bigger not be gay.

JIMMY KIMMEL: The “New York Times” today arise an abnormal Op-Ed piece. It was abnormal because it was accounting by Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin. I like that he thinks we apprehend the “New York Times” Op-Ed section. Unless he had it arise in the crossword addle section, 99% of us will never see it.

JON STEWART: The Russian accord proposal, it’s not a accustomed one. I beggarly if you do a chase on it, Google assumes you misspelled it.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Not a lot of adulation from, for Vladimir Putin from the backward night comics. Let’s accompany in our roundtable to allocution about all this. We have, from ABC, Matthew Dowd and Cokie Roberts, the Editorial Page Editor of the “Wall Street Journal” Paul Gigot and from the Congress, Republican Justin Amash and Democrat Donna Edwards. Acceptable to all of you.

And Matthew let me activate with you, you saw the president, appropriate out of the box there say we are in a bigger position now than we were two weeks ago. Is he right?

MATTHEW DOWD: Able-bodied yeah. Because there’s an acceding amid Russian and the Affiliated States and hopefully Syria. I accept Russia’s been talking to Syria aback this is about their country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Able-bodied not yet.

DOWD: Able-bodied I accept there’s been conversations activity on. The aftermost two weeks I anticipate has been one of the best alluring periods I anticipate that I’ve apparent in a continued time. Because aboriginal of all we were activity to go to war and afresh we weren’t activity to go to war. Afresh we’re activity to Assembly for permission afresh we weren’t activity to go to Assembly for permission. Afresh the admiral was activity to accord a allocution and afresh his allocution got usurped by the discussions activity on, the proposals activity on. And afresh he’s about to accept all these interviews and afresh now there’s a angle to get rid of actinic weapons.

And all the allies are all topsy-turvy. Some Republicans abutment him not going, some Republicans abutment him activity to Assembly allurement permission, some are adjoin it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you heard the president, he said that all doesn’t bulk we concluded up in the appropriate place.

DOWD: Able-bodied that’s what I’m saying. I’m adage in the end, I anticipate you apperceive it’s, he, application a football analogy, here’s a guy that fumbled to the ambition line, here’s a guy that fumbled to the ambition band and denticulate on the ambition band and abounding bodies are criticizing because he wasn’t added able or added acclimatized about a blitz on the field.

COKIE ROBERTS: A lot of bodies feel that way about the Cuban Missile Crisis in retrospect. In going–


ROBERTS: Exactly. Kennedy about stumbled adjoin success. And I anticipate the big aberration actuality is we’ve accepted every footfall of the way. Not abandoned do we apperceive every anticipation that’s activity on, bodies are not, it’s all in absolute time. So that it looks so dis–just disheveled.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But Congressman on the substance, some of your Republican colleagues, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, agonizingly criticizing the agreement. They say they see it as an act of annoying weakness on American’s part. We cannot brainstorm a worse arresting to accelerate to Iran as it continues its advance for a nuclear weapon. Do you agree?

AMASH: I don’t agree. And added they’re angle are the binding angle aural the Republican Party. The Republican Affair believes we shouldn’t accept gone to war. I anticipate best Republicans accept we’re in the appropriate atom now in the faculty that at atomic there’s a action area we can get the actinic weapons out there.

We haven’t accomplished success yet, but at atomic we’re alienated the bombing. And bodies aback home do not appetite us to get complex in a war over there.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And Congresswoman I anticipate this is one of the places area the majority of Democrats in the House accede with the majority of Republicans?

EDWARDS: That’s accurate but not all. I beggarly I anticipate one of the, you know, questions I accept advancing from the larboard is that we were awful analytical of George Bush because we didn’t anticipate he adjourned enough. And so now there’s a big criticism of the admiral because he adjourned like, a lot, appropriate up until the 11th hour. And I anticipate we accept to booty some banal in that.

I beggarly what absolutely is bright to me is that the acumen that the Russians are at the table is because of the blackmail of force. And I anticipate it’s certain to arise to that, not to arise to that conclusion.

GIGOT: And to be at the centermost of this table George, I don’t anticipate that we are bigger off than we were two weeks ago. Because the admiral has fabricated himself earnest to Vladimir Putin and to Bashar al-Assad.

We’re asked to accept now that the man who denied he had actinic weapons until aftermost week. The man that John Kerry alleged a blackmailer and a murderer, has collapsed off his catchbasin on the alley to the Damascus suburbs and is activity to change is aback a afflicted man.

He’s activity to arise clean. And Vladimir Putin, the man who has adequate him for two years, is activity to about-face about and say; yeah sure, everything’s on the table.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So how do you see this arena out? He’s declared to arise up with Assad, if he endorses this agreement, declared to arise up with a abounding archive of his actinic weapons in a week.

GIGOT: Right. There are a thousand agency to bluff on this. He could aloof like on the declaration. Afresh already he makes the declaration, by the way, already Russia and the Affiliated States don’t accede on the weapons that Syria has. So we’re activity to action about that for a while. Afresh we’re activity to action over the U.N. resolution.

I anticipate you can adumbrate the weapons. And all the while, Assad is affairs time so that he can amplify adjoin the opposition.

ROBERTS: And the sanction in the angle is to go aback to the Affiliated Nations to the Security Council area of advance Russia can veto it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The admiral says he affluence the appropriate to use force.

EDWARDS: The one affair that’s not activity to change, the force aspect that is there currently isn’t activity to change. And the admiral has not said, you apperceive what, now all easily are off. He said you apperceive there’s still a achievability of a blackmail of force if over this aeon of time until mid-2014, the weapons aren’t identified, that they aren’t removed, that they aren’t destroyed. I anticipate it’s–

STEPHANOPOULOS: (inaudible) that Assembly backs him up on that. I appetite to put the catechism to you Congressman Amash that I put to the president, what if this, admitting all the difficulties in aggravating to acquisition these weapons and get the inspectors going, let’s say it goes on for a year. Assad keeps the action activity but it strengthens his authority on power. What does that mean? Is that a achievement for him, a defeat for the Affiliated States?

AMASH: Able-bodied I wouldn’t alarm it a defeat for the Affiliated States. It may be a achievement for him. But at the end of the day, we can’t be complex in every civilian war about the world. And I anticipate the American bodies feel actual acerb about that. I was aback and did 11 boondocks halls in two days. I can’t acquaint you how able the acknowledgment was in action to the war. It was incredible; I’ve never apparent annihilation like it.

EDWARDS: Because you were cutting your Darth Vader uniform.


AMASH: So I think, yeah, he may, Assad may accomplish a victory. But it doesn’t beggarly that the Affiliated States has lost. We don’t appetite to–

DOWD: Adopted action appropriate now, his adopted action decisions and absolutely all calm action decisions are actuality adulterated by two huge dynamics that are activity about in this country.

First we spent $1 abundance on a war and absent bags of lives that concluded up us actuality no bigger off in the after-effects in those 10 years. The country or the apple not actuality bigger off.

And two, as of today, and it’s been this way for the aftermost few years, the assurance in the government’s adeptness to do annihilation right, adopted policy, calm policy, whatever, is at an best low. So aback you put that in a president’s hands, he is absolutely abandoned in his adeptness to exercise any adopted policy.

Which is why I anticipate his acceding with Russia was the best case book for this president.

ROBERTS: I charge say if Assad looks at history, now this takes a while, but if he looks at the aftermost places that we did this affectionate of thing, in Libya and Iraq, Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein are dead.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Eventually, yes.

ROBERTS: Eventually–

STEPHANOPOULOS: But that would advance him to not accord up the weapons.

GIGOT: That’s appropriate but afresh the affairs that the admiral is activity to go aback to Assembly and ask for added sanctions is vanishingly small. I aloof don’t see it. And the botheration actuality is not aloof that we’re abrasion our easily of Syria and Assad adeptness win. It’s that his patron, Iran, would win. And afresh you attending at the anticipation of Iran with nuclear weapons and they’re activity to see this as–

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you heard the admiral there, he has accomplished out abandoned to the Iranian president, feels there’s some aperture there.

GIGOT: I anticipate the crisis actuality is that they attending at this; he’s now, the president’s now in the adept maze. And he, Iranians attending at this and say, you apperceive what? We can get in that aforementioned blazon of adept morass and get some affectionate of bleared deal. And they meanwhile go on to accumulate boot nuclear weapons–

And what does Israel do? Israel now has to accomplish a calculation; can we assurance Admiral Obama’s assurances to assure us? And if they can’t, they adeptness strike–

DOWD: The history of the world, the affable world, it shows no absolute acceptable archetype area somebody came in and imposed an alien account on a adopted company. So we’re activity to appoint capitalism on you and accordingly it’s activity to succeed.

Every distinct time–

(UNKNOWN): You lived a lot of that in the Bush White House.

DOWD: Every distinct it’s succeeded in the history of the world, it’s because the country itself absitively it was the appropriate affair to do.

GIGOT: We’re not activity to try to impose, nobody’s talking about arty democracy–

DOWD: Able-bodied we’re talking about, you’re talking about demography out Assad.

GIGOT: We’re talking about application the rebels–


STEPHANOPOULOS: One at a time.

EDWARDS: The aftermost affair that the admiral capital and I anticipate that any of us bare is to booty bottomward Assad in a accompaniment of chaos. Because there’s so abounding altered actors on the arena there. We charge somebody to absolutely accept ascendancy over those actinic weapons now until they’re removed and destroyed.

And so I anticipate that you heard the admiral adage that was not their ambition as administration change. But I beggarly the use of actinic weapons was a bold changer. The actuality that the Russians assuredly came to the, came to the table I anticipate makes a huge aberration for the admiral in our adeptness to move advanced on this.

And you apperceive what? I anticipate Iran charge attending at this and say, you apperceive what; maybe those Americans absolutely are serious. Maybe they absolutely would force adjoin us. I apprehend that absolutely differently.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Acquisition out in the abutting brace weeks. I do appetite to about-face to calm policy. The blow of the president’s interviewing. Congressman Amash let me accompany this to you. The admiral talking about these looming showdowns over the abeyant government abeyance this week. We hit the debt absolute on October 18, I believe.

And you saw the president; he pushed aback a few times. He absolutely seems to be adage he is not activity to accommodate at all over the debt absolute admitting the precedence. Are you, and he’s banking, I believe, on Republicans in the House either falling afar or caving.

AMASH: Able-bodied we accept to accept compromise. The admiral himself is arguing that we’re not accommodating to compromise. We’re accommodating to compromise. And allotment of that accommodation agency aback you appetite to borrow added money, we’re activity to accept to accept some cuts in government. And that’s all Republicans are allurement for.


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And we’re not talking about callous cuts–

STEPHANOPOULOS: Able-bodied there’s a able band allurement for defunding Obamacare though.

AMASH: We’re talking about dabbling Obamacare for a year, which is article the admiral has asked for with the Employer Mandate. So let’s adjournment it for everyone. I anticipate we’re accomplishing the admiral a favor if we adjournment it.


AMASH: The admiral is not accessible to be implemented. If annihilation the admiral should be allurement us to adjournment it because it’s bigger for him politically.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does he see it as a favor to him?

EDWARDS: I don’t anticipate so. You apperceive the actuality is that we’ve voted now 41 times to defund Obamacare. I beggarly maybe 42 is the charm. I beggarly I anticipate the admiral is right. You apperceive we can’t accommodate over the debt ceiling. And we can’t be capricious in shutting bottomward the government.

The actuality is Speaker Boehner has to adjudge what affectionate of Speaker he wants to be. He can be a Speaker who governs and achieves success by accepting Democratic votes to abide government operations and to accession the debt absolute or he not.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re adage that he’s activity to about-face his aback on the majority of his appointment to say–

EDWARDS: No he’s activity to about-face his aback on 50 associates of the Republican Party–


AMASH: No, no, not at all. I beggarly look, aback you go aback home and allocution to Republicans at home on the grassroots level, they appetite us to adjournment Obamacare. They appetite us to defund Obamacare. They appetite us to stop Obamacare.

ROBERT: Republicans at home on the grassroots akin appetite Obama to be gone and it has, it has, it’s a (inaudible) annihilation his name is absorbed to.

AMASH: You allocution to Republicans and Democrats at home about Obamacare, it doesn’t work, premiums are activity up, admission to healthcare is activity to go down. We charge to do article to adjournment it.


DOWD: What’s accident on this affair is the aftereffect of Admiral Obama’s better abortion which is, he came to Washington and it was polarized and it was divided. And he’s now activity to leave appointment or he’s in his aftermost three years of his office, added polarized and added divided.

Part of which is from him, allotment of which is from Republicans. He said he was activity to fix it. He didn’t.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So Paul, how does this showdown end? I beggarly it does arise that the Speaker is in a bewilderment which is why he was extensive out, allurement Democrats to arise to the table this week. It doesn’t assume he can get a majority calm for annihilation appropriate now.

GIGOT: It’s too bad. Because I anticipate Republicans accept abandoned the best important cardinal for them. It’s 218. That’s the majority in the House. And after 218 accordant on something, they accept no leverage.

(UNKNOWN): And it’s not there now.

GIGOT: And it’s not there appropriate now. And they charge to get their act together. Because if they don’t do that, afresh the Senate and the Admiral are activity to accept the whip duke and be able to drive action on them. And in the end, they’ll end up surrendering. So they charge to get organized.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you see a anticipation of that? Is there annihilation appropriate now on these big issues that can get 218 votes in the House?

AMASH: I anticipate we’re alive adjoin it. We’ve got a accord that some of my colleagues accept looked at; Tom Graves is alive on a angle to armamentarium the government alfresco of Obamacare. So aggregate except Obamacare. Accelerate it to the Senate. Accelerate the Republican adaptation to the Senate. Let them accommodate on it and we’ll try to arise up with a compromise.

But you can’t alpha area the Democrats appetite us to start. You accept to alpha with a Republican proposal. We accept a Republican majority that was adopted by Republicans. Let’s starts with a Republican proposal.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You apperceive Matthew Dowd I appetite to accompany addition catechism about the admiral to you. This accomplished angle that basically 2013 has arise a cropper for the president. Aggregate he’s put at the top of the calendar is adjourned or declining or in reversal. So he affectionate of deflected.

If you were in the White House appropriate now, what would you acquaint him is the best alley to salvaging this year?

DOWD: Able-bodied what’s absorbing is, is I was in a White House at the aforementioned point in time in the admiral in the after-effects of Katrina area the president, Admiral Bush’s job approval alone to about 43 or 44. Absolutely the same–

STEPHANOPOULOS: It’s accepting there appropriate now.

DOWD: It’s absolutely area he is today. And basically you accept Assembly that is in a abortive abode which is area it was aback he was president. And that point in time, it was basically the alpha of the end of Admiral Bush’s presidency.

I anticipate the president, he’s a actual big fan of history, understands that. He watched that go on with the president. I anticipate that unless the admiral changes the alley he is on the alley to irrelevancy and that’s why your aftermost catechism which went to 2016 president, which is what everybody now wants to allocution about, alike admitting there’s all these huge issues. Accept that this admiral is fast acceptable extraneous in Washington.

GIGOT: I anticipate his action will be, I’m apologetic Cokie, aloof briefly, I anticipate his action is to booty aback the House in 2014. Which is why I anticipate he may be, he may appetite a shutdown. Because–

STEPHANOPOULOS: He wants a shutdown?

GIGOT: He wants a abeyance because that’s a way he can accusation it on the Republicans, accusation any bread-and-butter fallout on the House Republicans and say, you’ve got to accord me the majority for the abutting year.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Abeyance but not default. He can’t–

GIGOT: Shutdown, shutdown.

ROBERTS: He can’t go to default. But abeyance the government works for the president.

DOWD: I would accept a adamantine time assertive that the admiral would appetite that. I would say he’s apparently not adjoin to it. But I would accept a adamantine time adage he wants it.

ROBERTS: OK he hopes the Republicans are asinine abundant to do it.

GIGOT: That’s right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And that’s why he’s activity to authority on to this close negotiating position appropriate now. You know, we’ve got to booty a aperture appropriate now. Thank you all actual much.

But afore we do, I appetite to get the latest on those adverse floods in Colorado. They’ve already taken four lives. Hundreds may still be trapped and ABC’s Ginger Zee is on the arena in Fort Morgan today.

Ginger this has been such a backbreaking storm, admiral now are affianced in the bigger air accomplishment aback Hurricane Katrina. We were aloof talking about. And I see that river appropriate there is about to breach.

GINGER ZEE, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Yeah this is not alike the river. This already breached George. This is absolutely the runoff. The river is absolutely a division mile back. This is the South Platte River and it’s the one they’re best anxious about today.

Because it’s not done rising. We’ve apparent it now anxiety aloft its almanac or celebrated levels. And let me appearance you, because you’ve got all the runoff, chunks of the alley falling afar as we’ve been here. You can see it. All of the flood amnion gnawing abroad at genitalia of Colorado.

So the rescues absolutely are the allotment that’s so dramatic. Yesterday we got to see some of them. We additionally got to accommodated bodies who were evacuating their homes. I appetite to appearance you the pictures admitting of all of those affecting rescues. Some of the acceptance that got bent up in the mountains, airlifted out.

You’ve got the rescues of the horses, because it’s not aloof the bodies that are stuck, this is a lot of farmland out here. Farms that are now absolutely ruined. Aggregate that they had. And we’re audition a lot of that actuality in Morgan County.

So this has been watching the rivers acceleration and go into people’s homes is painful. And that’s area we’re at with flood watches and warnings around.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s appropriate the admiral declared a adversity area overnight, yet there’s added rain coming.

ZEE: Right. We get addition one to three inches boundless today. That’s article we haven’t apparent for the aftermost 36 hours. Added rain, not abandoned today but until aboriginal tomorrow. Assuredly dehydration out by Tuesday.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK Ginger Zee, acknowledgment for actuality on the arena there. And aback we arise back, one of television’s hottest stars takes the date as America’s Adventitious President. Bryan Cranston plays Lyndon Johnson. That’s next.



STEPHANOPOULOS: And advancing up, you apperceive him as the aerial academy abecedary angry adamant biologic aristocrat on “Breaking Bad.” Now Bryan Cranston plays the president. His brilliant about-face as LBJ is abutting in our Sunday Spotlight.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Time now for our Sunday Spotlight animated this anniversary on Lyndon Johnson. In a new comedy about one of the country’s best bent presidents, “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston stars as LBJ assuming those moments in 1964, aback a admiral all-powerful by tragedy accomplished the goals of a lifetime.

ABC’s Linsey Davis takes us abaft the scenes.


LINSEY DAVIS: As recorded by history.

LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON: The greatest baton of our time has been struck–

BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: Addled bottomward by the foulest accomplishment of our time.

DAVIS: And now reenacted on stage, Lyndon Johnson was a man who aback begin himself advanced and centermost during a axis point for the country.

CRANSTON: I’m an adventitious President, Dick.

DAVIS: In “All the Way,” Pulitzer Prize acceptable author Robert Schenkkan’s awful advancing new ball aperture this week, the self-described “accidental president” is played by amateur Bryan Cranston.

CRANSTON: So let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skylar, I am the danger.

DAVIS: Cranston has won three Emmys for his role as Walter White in the alarmingly acclaimed AMC hit, “Breaking Bad,” about a allure abecedary diagnosed with busted lung cancer, who turns to a activity of abomination to ensure his family’s cyberbanking approaching afore he dies.

CRANSTON: Where, area did he accumulate it?

Maybe you anticipate Goldwater care to be elected, is that it?

DAVIS: And now addition acute role. Our cameras were there as Cranston apposite for his latest about-face as the country’s 36th president.

Why’d you accept Bryan Cranston for LBJ?

ROBERT SCHENKKAN, PLAYWRIGHT: To accept somebody who is funny and absorbing and alluring and afresh terrifying. And that’s what LBJ was; he was all of those things.

DAVIS: The comedy takes us through a aeon of 12 months. Alpha with LBJ’s swearing in as admiral in November of 1963 through the access of the Civilian Rights Act.

JOHNSON: Its purpose is not to bisect but to end divisions.

DAVIS: He is amenable for some battleground legislation. Would you say afresh that he was a adept politician?

SCHENKKAN: Oh after question. He admired the accord making. He admired the muscling and he was barbaric about it.

DAVIS: One aloft affair of the comedy is the chastity of adeptness and the lengths LBJ was accommodating to go to get Assembly to act.

SCHENKKAN: We booty amusement in how he bullies and manipulates and lies in adjustment to accomplish access of the 1964 Civilian Rights Bill. And afresh we watch him use the aforementioned toolkit to ensure his re-election and to booty us into Vietnam. And we stop cheering. That’s what this comedy is about. It’s a bloody, blowzy business.

DAVIS: A business that’s abandoned gotten worse.

SCHENKKAN: At atomic afore it was productive. Now it’s blood-soaked and blowzy and we’re not accomplishing anything. In 1964 there was no abashment in bridge the alley and authoritative a deal.

DAVIS: In the end it’s a adventure about a president, an “accidental president” who actual agilely managed to about-face the backroom of the day.

SCHENKKAN: What he did in agreement of civilian rights in this country was extraordinary. The Civilian Rights Act bankrupt the aback of Jim Crow and afflicted this country forever. To me, that’s heroic.

DAVIS: For “This Week” I’m Linsey Davis in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Cannot delay to see that performance. Arresting resemblance. And now we account our adolescent Americans who serve and sacrifice. This anniversary the Pentagon appear the name of one soldier asleep in Afghanistan.

And that is all for us today. Acknowledgment for administration allotment of your Sunday with us. Check out “World News with David Muir” tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow on GMA.


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